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Best pizza in Arezzo town… Pizzeria Italia

Pizza Serpente - Calzone Ripieno e Pizza Carciofi
Pizza Serpente - Calzone Ripieno e Pizza Carciofi

I attend Pizzeria Italia steadily since it was in the old and historic location 100 meters from my house and had a nickname, you know, folkloristic? which I omit, but well known to all Aretines… In short, now, as the title suggests PIZZA PERFECT !!!

The great pizza chef and owner Dino (“professor” of pizza for decades…) makes an exceptional dough: thin, rightly crispy, that smells of fresh bread, so that one also gladly eat the portion of unseasoned crust.

High quality mozzarella and tomato, with the right cooking in a wood oven combine perfectly with pasta, so I suggest fillings surface as simple as possible, even if the pizzeria is justly famous for the “snake” or a half-pizza-half-calzone in a simply humongous size.

Let then lose everything else on the menu, from appetizers to desserts (so you’ll avoid even to inflate unnecessarily the bill …), focus on pizza and snake!

Only a few complaints about: the environment is beginning to be outdated and “chilly” and the poor choice of various drinks and beers.

Personally, I always take the pizza with baby artichokes, in average size: the slight acidity of artichokes in oil constantly cleans the pleasant sweetness of mozzarella and contrasts with the floury fragrance of pasta… a stuff which I have not found anywhere else.

Ah, for once challenge yourself and take a pizza in “Barney” size (if you spread your arms you do not touch both ends …) … a joy to the eyes …

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