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Finocchiona & Porchetta – Salumeria di Monte San Savino – Cold cuts manufacturer

Finocchiona Toscana - Salumeria di Monte San Savino
Finocchiona Toscana - Salumeria di Monte San Savino

The visit to the stand of Salumeria di Monte San Savino, who works in Tuscany just ten minutes from my house, is one of those classic discoveries of treasure in the backyard. I knew of course their primary product, the Porchetta, and their long history that dates back to the sixties, but I was not aware that this is a company so organized, of high quality and with a really wide range of products, which, right here at Cibus 2014 adds the new “trendy” of “8sapori.”

Generally, the products here are very traditional, with a range of flavors always truly powerful.

The meats are extremely valuable in many cases, they are already very tasty and their flavor is enhanced and highlighted by the spiciness (in Tuscany, in millenary traditions, every single butcher has its variations and secret proportions…).

So here we are talking about cold cuts for tough men, even if the stand is also crowded by elegant and enthusiastic ladies (who obviously appreciate, in fact, the extremely macho style…) and the owner Alessandro Iacomoni is dressed up very classy and can speak several languages with the interested visitors.
I tasted only a few things to get the feel of the quality and especially of the style of manufacturing, in the catalog for export that you will find soon on my Tuscany a Modo Mio PRO SHOP there will be instead the whole range.

The Porchetta of Monte San Savino
The porchetta is a crusted baked pork and is appreciated as a product distributed in portions of cold pieces in wraps. The outstanding feature of the preparation is its blend of seasoning: a sauce with salt and herbs which in the case of the Monte San Savino porchetta includes the spice of fennel.
The porchetta maintains the typical tasting of the whole pork cooked in a wood stove.
The Regional Agency for Development and Innovation in Agriculture and Forestry (ARSIA), for the product called porchetta di Monte San Savino, has acknowledged the Salumeria of Monte San Savino the title of traditional food farming product (title recognized by legislative decree 173/98). The certification conferred by ARSIA demonstrates that the porchetta of Monte San Savino is a typical and rooted product in Tuscany and retains its specificity compared to other standards food products. 100% Italian Meat.

D.O.P dry-cured Tuscan Ham
Here we may have little room for the creativity of the individual producer (but in short, the secret blend of flavors here does, however, its proper job …), and the tasted ham is spectacular.
Dry salting is performed with the use of sea salt, pepper and natural typical flavors. The taste that comes out is that one of the characteristic famous Tuscan dry-cured ham, the flavor is delicate but expertly enhanced by the unmistakable aromas of Tuscan products. 100% Italian Meat.

Tuscan salami
It is characterized by its dark-red color and by the large withe fat grains (in “cubic” shape). When rightly preserved is tasty and aromatic. The lean part of the Tuscan salami is derived from the thigh and shoulder of pork, while the fat part includes the dorsal part.
The one tasted, in slice cut by hand, therefore of a certain thickness, shows a smooth texture, pressed against the palate reveals a kind of pleasant juiciness … being always well salted and peppered … particular for the the attractiveness of the unusual shape (but with the same flavor) version of “Fiasco of Monte San Savino”. 100% Italian Meat.

The Finocchiona
It is a typical salami originates in Tuscany, which owes its name to the wild fennel flavoring.
It is a matured sausage made of finely ground pork with fat strips, and aged to be fairly firm. Fatty meat, taken from the cheek, is minced together with lean meat, then blended with the flavors of salt, pepper and dill. Then it is piped into gut, tied and left to mature in appropriate cellars.
It would seem a poor product and simple, but it’s very difficult to produce: fine grinding and only soft pressing could generate oxidations… but these are with a smell from afar that make you fall in love… the nice sizes, ranging from a kind of 500 gr Salametto to a very scenic “beast” of 20 kg (not just scenery, the huge diameter lets surface mature while keeping the inside always fresh as just ground. 100% Italian Meat.

8 Sapori
Turning to the new line presented here at Cibus 2014 we are faced with a considerable effort to modernize and make rather fashionable and attractive to young people a type of products otherwise seen as too traditional. Then a series of 8 salamis in various flavors, in small sizes, for singles or couples, from 250-300 gr., Labels that resemble the icons of the Apps, with a focus in being healthy gluten-free: Deer, Chianina, wine Chianti, Finocchiona, Spicy, Truffle, and Toscano.

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