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CIBUS: GOSSIP part 1 …the Food-VIP and Miss Italia…

Miss Italia Giulia Arena Acqua Rocchetta CIBUS Parma
Miss Italia Giulia Arena Acqua Rocchetta CIBUS Parma

Since TV programs in every shape dedicated in some way to ” kitchen and food” are really saturating all channels and those active in the field quickly goes out personalities if not real stars, I must do a little gossip even talking of an event which theoretically would be reserved for professionals and dedicated to business … but, as they say, “That’s the marketing, baby!.”

Hundreds of show cooking and tasting sessions in the stands, with all the great chefs arrayed, from Cracco, Oldani to Vissani, as well as many VIP testimonials, as the motorcycling champion Jorge Lorenzo to the cycling team “Neri” ready for the Giro d ‘Italia.



I have personally seen italian food TV star Luca Sardella (in the bathroom, and he did not even took off his ubiquitous coloured hat …), chef Vissani walking with his own inevitable red shoes (working a long time in his noose and very interested in what was extracted, but this, not being able to take a picture, I did not told you …), a brilliant and sweet Giulia Arena, reigning Miss Italy, at the Rocchetta stand dispensed smiles and was photographed with everyone, even in selfie with the very nice hostesses.

By the way, but this is my very personal point of view, this Miss is really a bit much too “minute”, she does not express Italian feminine beauty in its Mediterranean flourishing as they are always used to identify overseas – in short, from Sophia Loren to her we’ve lost several curves – but maybe, for an event dedicated to Italian food, a beautiful girl so thin goes to show validity of the Mediterranean diet…

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