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CIBUS: GOSSIP part 2… Rocco “The Big”, pardon,… the Great..

Rocco Siffredi, indiscusso Re dell'hard italiano, al CIBUS Parma
Rocco Siffredi, indiscusso Re dell'hard italiano, al CIBUS Parma

The undisputed star of the show, at least judging by the crowd that was waiting for him on his arrival and then followed him bickering to be photographed with him, was always “The Big”, …er, Great Rocco Siffredi (and do not pretend, like my parents, you do not know who he is …)

Also the protagonist of the last relentless spot playing on his knowledge of the “chips” for Amica Chips, “The Big” (come on …) Great Rocco Siffredi is really the only one who came out the world of porn as a big star, which is now a successful real businessman and capable to earn even by the irony and sympathy that manifests itself both in its commercials both live here … it seems almost embarrassed by the cheering crowd.

However, the real important people, I mean the ones with serious money to do serious business here, those were not known by the wider audience… these faces were unknown to most people, but they were coming down from helicopters engaged in a non-stop shuttle, or they parked the many (believe me, many …) Maserati with license plates from all over Europe and surroundings …

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